Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning Services

StarDust has done more then set the bar with this specialised service. We have excelled in meeting our rightfully demanding Contractors and Customers high expectations. Building a new home or remodelling and existing home is one of the most exciting events our customers experience and StarDust understands this. If we were in the restaurant business, this would be our “Specialty Dish”. We still work exclusively for the same Premium Custom Contractors we started with 8 years ago when we first opened our operation.

They have grow to expect the same reliability, on-demand needs of the construction business and quality in our service each and every build and renovation and know they will not be disappointed.

We are called upon to ensure the home is devoid of all signs of the construction process prior to that final move in. These cleans require precision and a lot of caring and pride with the final cleaning process.

With all the potential hazards and conditions at a new build or renovation, the last thing you need to worry about is the Health and Safety of the workers on site. StarDust complies with all Ministry of Labor standards and best practices. Are crews are trained in construction/renovation cleaning, insured, bonded, covered by WSIB, bring all required Personal Protective Equipment, safe tools and proper equipment required to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

The StarDust Management and Staff work closely with the contractor and/or home owner during the building and cleaning process to make sure each detail is covered. We understand that directions from builders and owners change frequently, therefore our crew is always accepting, willing and ready to adapt to these changing needs.

Please do not hesitate to give Ryjan or Kristen a call to set up a site visit. They will assess the cleaning plan according to your needs and provide you with an estimate based on your projects daily needs and deadlines.