Rental Cleaning Services Collingwood & Area

Reliability, flexibility for last minute cleans, and a 5 Star result is what you will receive when you book StarDust for your busy Rental business.

Ryjan, the Co-owner of Stardust, originally founded the company in Stratford Ontario, catering to the Bed & Breakfast owners in this quaint little festival town. She leads the team in training our Cleaning Specialists to perform under deadlines without sacrificing the quality and cleanliness your renters come to expect.

When it comes to the services we provide for your rental, the options are endless. Being a customized cleaning service, we will work with you to customize a plan that suits you. We can also provide a free consultation and recommend other possibilities outside your plan.

StarDust cleaning and property Services can also provide other unique services for your rental such as:

·       Fire wood delivery to your renters
·       Lawn and gardening
·       Concierge services
·       Handy man services for your renters if you live outside of the Collingwood Area
·       Laundry services

Please call us for a free no-obligation quote. You will not be disappointed!!